WUS Property

Winchester Utility System Property

Condition of receiving and continuing to receive service.

All meters, service connections, and other equipment furnished by Winchester Utility System shall be, and remain, the property of Winchester Utility System (WUS). Customers shall provide, at no cost to WUS, a space for, and exercise proper care to protect, the property of WUS on its premises.

In the event of loss or damage to WUS’s property, the cost of the necessary repair(s) or replacement(s) shall be paid by the Customer. WUS identified employees shall have safe and unrestricted access to the Customer’s premises and the utility’s equipment at all reasonable times for the purpose of reading meters, testing, repairing, removing, or replacing any or all equipment belonging to WUS.

Attaching anything to WUS electric poles is prohibited.

Location of WUS Facilities 

In no case shall a customer, or an agent of a customer, build any facility that will impede access to WUS’s facilities, including meters. No meter shall be enclosed in a room addition, porch, deck, etc. In the event that this happens, WUS will give notice to the customer that the meter or other facility must be moved at customer expense to an acceptable location or service will be terminated.

Meter Tempering 

Customer is legally responsible for any tampering of WUS property even if the customer did not do the tampering. If meter tampering is detected, such meters will immediately be pulled and the customer will be charged a $500 fine to be paid in full before services are restored. Any access to services by unauthorized means will be dealt with according to the laws.

Meter Tests 

WUS will make periodical tests and inspections of its meter and metering equipment in order to maintain a high standard of accuracy. WUS will make additional tests or inspections of its meters at the request of Customer.

If the results of a test made at Customer’s request verify that the meter is accurate within two percent (2%), fast or slow, no adjustment will be made in Customer’s bill, and Customer may be required to pay WUS’s standard testing charge.

In case the test shows meter to be in excess of two percent (2%) fast or slow, an adjustment shall be made to Customer’s bill for a period not over thirty (30) days prior to date of such test, and cost of making test shall be borne by WUS.


Winchester Utility System shall have the right, but not the obligation, to inspect Customer’s wiring beyond the weather-head or any point-of-delivery (POD), before electric service is supplied or at any later time, and reserves the right to reject or discontinue service to a Customer whose wiring, at the sole discretion of WU, is deemed to be unsafe or not found in accordance with the provisions above.

However, such inspection, or failure to inspect, or failure to reject, shall not render WUS liable or responsible for any loss or damage to Customer resulting from defects in the installation, wiring, or from violation of WUS Schedule of Rules and Regulations, from violation of National Electric Safety Code (NESC), or from accidents that may occur on Customer’s premises. WUS shall not be liable for any damage where Customer’s wiring does not conform to applicable code or law.

Inspections - Water & Sewer

Once a sewer or water tap has been purchased, WUS requires a five (5) day notice for installation of the tap and/or final inspection of the tap site. All work for service line installation must be performed by an individual holding a State of Tennessee Plumber’s License. New and replacement water and sewer service lines must be inspected by Winchester Utility System before being covered up and before services can be cut on.

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