Billing Policy


Winchester Utility System reserves the right to correct any and all billing errors identified on behalf of our customers.

Due Dates

Standard net payment period for residential customers is no less than 15 days. This means that payment due date is no less than 15 days from the date of the bill.

Standard net payment period for classes of service other than residential is no less than 10 days after the date of the bill.

Bill due dates will remain consistent each month unless otherwise communicated to the customer in writing by Winchester Utility System. Failure to receive a monthly bill does not release the customer of the responsibility to pay the utility bill nor does it release the obligation of paying late fees or preclude termination of services.

Late Penalties

The day following the due date for a billing cycle and following the posting of all payments received via the night drop or by mail, penalties will be applied by the Customer Service Representative (CSR). The penalties (calculated at 5% of the unpaid utility services) shall be added to and become part of the outstanding balance against the account.

Past Due Account Notifications for Active Accounts

Winchester Utility System will attempt to contact customers prior to the disconnection of services via an automated phone call or text alert.

Customers with accounts past due by 3-5 days will receive an automated phone call or text alert reminding them of the past due bill. Those with no primary phone number on file will be contacted via letter reminding them of the past due bill as well as requesting an active phone number for their account.

Customers with accounts past due by 10 days will receive an automated phone call or text alert notifying them of possible disconnection of services the following day if payment is not received by the following day.

  • All automated phone calls will include the rights and remedies for bill disputes.
  • Customer can opt out of receiving the automated phone calls by completing the opt out form
  • Customers must sign a form to opt in to receiving text alerts from the utility.

Past Due Inactive Accounts

If an inactive account still has an unpaid balance seven (7) days following the final bill due date and if there exists an active account with this same customer’s name on it, the unpaid balance on the inactive account can be transferred to the active account.

Once transferred, the balance due becomes part of the balance due on the active account. If there is an automatic bank draft process setup for this active account, the entire balance due on the account will be sent to the bank for payment during the next draft cycle.

Credit/Debit Cards

Winchester Utility System accepts credit or debit cards. We accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accept two party checks of any kind.

Contact Us

You can contact our customer service representatives by calling (931) 967-2238 or completing the form below.