The Winchester Wastewater System

Winchester Utility System serves approximately 20,000 wastewater customers in and around Winchester. The wastewater collection system consists of gravity sewers, grinder pumps, force mains, and a wastewater treatment plant.
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From Flush to Finish – Wastewater Journey

When your home is connected to a public sewer system, your wastewater line is connected to a sewer pipe and collection system. This collection system delivers to a wastewater treatment plant where contaminants and harmful substances are removed using the following steps:

Step 1:

Screens remove untreatable objects like plastic, trash, and debris that finds its way into the sewer system.

Step 2:
Grit Removal

Heavier solids like sand and grit settle and are removed so they cannot damage pumps and equipment.

Step 3:
Biological Treatment

Bacteria is used to break down
and remove organic waste.

Step 4:

Clarifiers remove bacteria and other
solids, leaving clear liquid.

Step 5:

Any harmful bacteria or microorganisms remaining are disinfected by adding chlorine or exposing the water to ultraviolet light.

Step 6:

Solids removed may be treated further to inactivate pathogens. High quality biosolids could be reused as fertilizer.
After the water is cleansed and disinfected to meet regulatory requirements, it is typically recycled back into a natural body of water.

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